Sana 2012 -Report Print

Consortium BIOEXPORT at SANA
(BOLOGNE 8th/11th September 2012)


SANA represents an important appointment and a sort of privileged observatory on the organic sector, a sector which actually is developing very fastly with a percentage of plus 8,9% in comparison with 2011 both in Italy and in the rest of Europe.

In our name- Consortium Bioexport EMILIA- ROMAGNA-there is a clear hint to a Region that confirms its top results: first region in Northern Italy for number of organic companies, first region at national level for organic canteens and consumption of organic products, a region where big groups -which commercialize organic both in Italy and abroad- are located, first region for consumption of organic products in the primary schools and in the kindergartens. Our presence at SANA has been a traditional appointment since the very first edition, in 1989, when the companies started exhibiting on their own. Our Consortium in fact was born a bit later, in 1994, after several companies from Emilia-Romagna, which were producing exclusively organic food, decided to start a promotional structure able to give support for their internationalization. Ever since we have taken part in Sana exhibiting at every edition products in the news and also new member companies. We trust in this event which takes place in our region considering Sana the only fair able to create an equilibrium with Biofach. Moreover Bioexport is still a unique example of promotional structure among companies producing certified organic food both at national and international level. At the recent 2012 edition the added value was the presence of more than 50 buyers coming from China, Brazil, Russia, Usa and Sweden: we met almost all of them, with the great satisfaction to supply them with a lot of information, ideas and prices as well of our organic “ hits”. We do hope therefore to talk in a short time about our products on the Chinese market, especially the Shangai area which looks like the easiest one, on the Russian market ( area of Moscow)or  to have the chance to taste some of our products in Pennsylvania ( some buyers were fascinated by our products, especially vegetarian pizzas) or even to find some items on the shelves of a Swedish supermarket. On the other hand in Denmark it is already possible to eat a dish of organic pasta manufactured in San Biagio di Argenta ( FE) together with a glass of red wine ( organic Sangiovese) from grapes grown on the Forlì hills.



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