Programme 2010 Print


Consortium “BIOEXPORT EMILIA-ROMAGNA” is going to celebrate in 2010 its  15 years of activity and specialization in the sector of organic productions: the structure was established in fact in 1994 because some local producers did want to promote the organic quality food from Emilia-Romagna launching, at the same time, new products and above all an innovative lifestyle. For sure a very difficult challenge, nowadays we can define it a positive starting up as Bioexport is still today the only one promotional consortium joining together, in accordance with the Law 83/89, producers of organic food.  Bioexport started its export activities taking part in international fairs in those countries where organic productions were welcome, first of all Germany – a choice which still today is considered adequate as far as our commitment  to let Italian organic products be well-known also abroad is concerned. In these 15 years,  Bioexport has dedicated also a lot of time to study new areas and new markets like USA, Northern Europe and United Kingdom adopting, very often, promotional  new formulas: from master classes to workshops, from incoming missions to global clustering. Also for 2010 Bioexport has operated some choices in order to plan a promotional schedule which can keep on with these philosophies and these strategies of commercial penetration.


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