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Promotional Schedule-events 2011
Consortia for internationalization
Romagna Alimentare and Bioexport Emilia-Romagna

Project area RHÔNES-ALPES, 2011
Participation in Sirha Lyon - France, January 22nd/26th 2011 Consortium Romagna Alimentare took part in 2009 for the first time in Sirha Lyon to try an alternative to the systematic participation
in SIAL Paris which, by now, many associated companies find obsolete, expensive and disattended as in the alternate year, we take part in Anuga Cologne, leader event as far as the food sector is concerned. Yet, France represents a good market, especially for several products of ours - therefore the “proof ” at Sirha in Lyon has been for sure successful. To start with, the area Rhones- Alpes is extremely interesting as it represents a sort of French “food valley”, an area where there is a concentration of prestigious schools for hotellerie which take advantage by the name of the famous chef Paul Bocuse, a name which you can breathe in the air of Lyon everywhere: from Eurexpo where something like 10.000 chefs coming from 136 foreign countries work hard all days of the fair to show innovative dishes, sculptures from butter, ice, chocolate and so on, real works of art, to Halle de Lyon, a fantastic and lively place which joins the idea of a covered market with the offer of the French haute cuisine, to the hystoric city centre which offers a myriad of typical mères and brasseries where you can taste dishes linked to quality and season, practically “the secrets” at the basis of the French cuisine. On every menu of the emeritus chef you can read “How difficult is it, to be simple”. To talk in terms of business, the fair is highly attended and visited even if buyers and operators are local. In spite of that, the event offers the possibility to meet also potential clients from North of Spain, mainly
the Pyrenees area, and many also from Northern Italy - mainly from Piedmont, Lombardy and Liguria.

Project “International Vitrines in Italy”
Participation in TUTTO FOOD - Milan, May 8th/11th 2011
Participation in SANA - Bologne, September 8th/11ty 2011
They are two important International moments in Italy, even if deeply different one from the other: Tuttofood, where we are going to take part for the third time, because of its particular organization compared with other events, represents an occasion to meet buyers from all over the world, invited by the fair itself in order to create business with our companies. It is therefore such an innovative way of coming across international operators that between the first and the second participation there has been an abyss: the first time we showed similarly to all the other fairs realizing, on the contrary, that Tuttofood represents the avant-guarde of the global market. We have thus re-adjusted our goals
showing in 2009 just very few products but so innovative to the point that there still were “mock-ups” that is to say gastronomic collections still under a studying phase which had the final aim also to collect and elaborate the curiosity and the reactions of public, clients and operators.
We consider ourselves “affeccionados” of the fair SANA, a window on the organic world which, when was started in 1988 beside having our Consortium Bioexport as a “starring guest and actor” of a sector that was increasing a lot, considered us in the position to spread a culture for organic which, with time, was going to consolidate furthermore. Nowadays SANA represents for us an observatory more than a fair and would like to underline that we believe in the event for its particular formula - a window on the sector rather than an opportunity to make business. We do appreciate SANA for its determination against a forceful Biofach, located in the heart of Germany - a land with the cult for organic - to which we are in the position to contrapose the wide offer of our Region Emila-Romagna that, beside welcoming international food shows like Cibus and Sana, has got a lot to say in terms of organic agriculture.

Project Germany 2011
Participation in Biofach - Nuremberg, February 16th/19th 2011
Participation in Anuga - Cologne, October 8th/12th 2011
As already underlined, Germany - because of the presence of Anuga and Biofach, two leader events respectively for conventional and organic sectors - is an area which is taken into high consideration by our Consortia. We have been taking part in said events for many years (Anuga 2011 will be the 16th participation for Romagna Alimentare whereas Bioexport has been taking part in Biofach since
when the fair was started in 1992 in Frankfort) but at every edition we are able to transform ourselves and show, every time, a different and updated version of our realities. Actually the food world and the gastronomic culture - also organic - is like that: a carnival of tastes and colors which must be every time renewed and promoted with that great LOVE - which, on the contrary, never changes - for our products and our land.

Project “European Horizons”: from the Mediterranean basin to Northern Europe
Participation in IFE - London, March 13th/16th 2011
Other events connected with the above mentioned geographic areas: incoming of foreign delegations, one-to-one and B2B meetings, workshops, clustering, educationals, tasting and demonstration events.
This project has got the aim to be a sort of big container of all those promotional actions which our consortia are able to coordinate collecting both the requests of the associated companies and the opportunities which, during the year, are proposed by the various Institutions that cooperate with us: Region, Eurosportello, Chambers of Commerce, Italian Trade Centre, and so on. For sure, Europe, even if it is so close to Italy, is a geographic area where there is still a lot to do. For many years we have studied the possibilities of the Scandinavian Countries but still today many Custom barriers prevent us from expressing ourselves at best. This project has thus not only the goal of consolidating the gained positions but also to find new ways mainly in the area of Northern Africa, the Balkans, till to Eastern Europe.
The promotional events 2010 (in particular Alimentaria and Cibus) have offered us good results especially with Spain where we are having positive follow ups as far as various products are concerned. In 2011 we would like to update our presence in the UK where, with the organic sector, we took part in 2010 in N&O in London and where many of our associated companies have already got importers and distributors but mainly concentrated in the London area. Actually our beloved, old UK offers also the areas of Scotland and Ireland and it’s there that are concentrated the phases of the regional project DELIZIANDO. Thanks to it, we’ll be present at IFE 2011 by means of our products - both conventional and organic - included in the list of typical products officially recognized by the Region Emilia-Romagna.

Other interventions of territorial marketing and promotion of the brands: Consortium “Romagna Alimentare” and Consortium “ Bioexport Emilia-Romagna”
Taking into consideration the future transformations of the law 83/89 which for many years has been regulating and financing export consortia, we do believe that it is important to promote the brands of our Consortia also locally in order to make perfectly clear the aims of our job: let typical products be known everywhere, let people try them in set combinations, get everyone to appreciate the products but also their history and their origins, make especially foreign people understand old culinary traditions which date back to past - very often traditions linked with religion, with local festivals or family events like vine-harvesting, thrashing, pork slaughtering and so on - genuine events which have transferred their genuineness into simple products nowadays at the basis of an innovation process that allows us to promote our whole Region, under all aspects, all over the world.


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