SANA 2015 - Report Print


Sana 2015-  just finished the 27th edition of the fair – represented  a top event as far as organic food and technologies are concerned, thanks to the connection with Parco della Biodiversità and The Organic and Natural Hall at Expo Milan. A rich program of events, workshops, B2B, foreign visitors and delegations have animated the fair which concentrated in Bologne the worldwide debate about alimentation and nutrition. The 2015 edition collected important figures: more than 45.800 visitors, plus 40% foreign visitors, plus 25% exhibitors, an edition with a strong international footprint with something like 4000 meetings with foreign delegates coming from 21 foreign countries: all that in order to improve the “ organic made in Italy” performances also abroad. Consortium Bioexport took part in the Sana event under its new title of Consortium for Internationalization, making focus on new products ( like pasta from rice and equisetum ) and on proper innovative projects like
 “ The vegan sandwich” ( project by Paola Maugeri in cooperation with our company member Con.Bio). All that at the presence of 30 journalists of the sector and a wide public of consumers and operators.


Sana Bologne 2015: presentation of the new project “ the vegan sandwich”



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