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The organic products we propose are the result of a constant research which aims at finding the right equilibrium between taste and health. We carefully select the recipes and the ingredients of every product; we select the organic raw materials between Italian and European typical productions. Since 1982 Patience and Passion have supported us with the aim of preserving the quality of our food keeping integral both the nutritional value and the respect for the ambience. We also want to satisfy those who are obliged to follow particular diets and all those who ask for healthier and “ cleaner” products. We have studied particular items sugar free, salt free, gluten free and with no animal products. Beside the certifications issued by the accredited bodies we interact in all the manufacturing phases, from the field to the shelf.

Via dei Barrocciai, 42
41012 Carpi (MO)
Tel +39 059 658511
Fax +39 059 6550508


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