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Promotional schedule - events 2013 Consortium “Bioexport Emilia-Romagna”

- Participation in Sana Bologne.
The project includes the participation in the International fair Sana Bologne.
We can state that this fair is the most important international moment in Italy, to promote our consortium, the structure, the member companies and their products.
As to the organic world, Sana is the only one event in Italy which may compete with Biofach in Nuremberg:
member companies of Bioexport do believe in the fair and support it from its very beginning considering the event not only a specialized show but also an opportunity given to PMI to meet also final clients and consumers.

Project GERMANY 2013
- Biofach Nuremberg;
- incoming events with buyers from German speaking countries.
We consider these interventions particularly significant and important especially in an economic moment in which, in spite of all, Germany represents an increasing market, attentive and punctual towards the “Made in Italy” products.
Biofach represents a compulsory commitment for those who work and deal with organic, being the main reference fair for the sector with its over 45.000 professional visitors.

Planned fairs 2013:

Biofach Nuremberg 13th/16th February 2013
Sana Bologne September 7th/10th September 2013