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Consorzio per il Controllo dei Prodotti Biologici is a control and certification body recognized by the Agriculture Ministry for applying the ECC regulation 2092/91 regarding the companies which produce, prepare or import products manufactured after the organic agriculture methods. CCPB is a limited cooperative. All the companies which make request by mean of a notification (as foreseen ECC regulation 2092/91) or the documents foreseen by every single certification scheme can be controlled by CCPB. Also the producers, transformers, distributors or importers of agriculture products after what foreseen by the statute can be members of the Consortium.

The members have the right to use the brands of the Consortium on the controlled products and on their illustrating material or when they take part in the various fairs of the sector.

The Board of Directors
The Board of Directors is the body which administrates the Consortium and manages it. Among its functions there are the general planning of the Consortium activity, the financial management, the definition of the fees regarding the control activity, the supervision on the correct application of the various deliberations. It appoints the Committee for the organic production regulations and approves of the standards prepared by the Committee itself. The Board of Directors is appointed by the members and ranges from a minimum of 7 to a maximum of 21 people who represent the associated companies which operate in the various sectors of the agriculture production, of transformation, distribution of foodstuff and the cooperatives of consumers.

The certification Committee

The certification Committee has got the duty to admit the companies to the control system, their supervision and the consequent certification of the productions. Said body has also got the duty to guarantee the control and the certification impartiality. The Committee members are chosen to guarantee the equilibrium of the interests and they are free to decide singularly. The Committee is appointed every three years by the members’ assembly.

The Committee for the organic production
regulations is appointed by the Board of Directors and has got the duty to issue the CCPB’s Standards with reference to the national and international rules which regulate the organic productions.



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